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Use business ownership to accumulate Wealth

High-risk entrepreneurship is a tough route to a rich life and financial freedom. Start-up stress, like relying on a once-in-a-lifetime innovation or setting out on a one-track objective of billionaire status, results in detours and setbacks rather than the financial rewards you desire.

Not all businesses are high-risk endeavours though. Substantial, lasting wealth can be built in the space between broke and billionaire—when you reframe your idea of business ownership.

Skip the risky start-up and walk straight into an already cash-flowing company to create and retain wealth! Dr. Gregory Bott’s structured framework for small business acquisition will mitigate risk, accelerate wealth accumulation, and elevate your business for profitable growth. With this step-by-step guide for both new and seasoned entrepreneurs, you can start on a steady path of incremental gains as a rightful business owner—for safer financial success that lasts generations.

You’ll discover:

  • Why entrepreneurial potential doesn’t depend on your education, money, age, or experience.
  • How to align your personal abilities, passion, and energy with the right investment when buying a business.
  • Solutions to finance your acquisition, from partnerships to private loans.
  • A due diligence starter kit to analyze elements like cash flow, valuation, and vulnerabilities of potential target companies.
  • Business management systems to put in place after acquisition to scale for greater profitability.

Hard work, perseverance, and an entrepreneurial grind pay off more than risk and rush. Get Faster Safer Wealthier to accelerate your journey to wealth and take control of your most valuable resource—your time.