By Greg Bott

Use business ownership to accumulate Wealth

Hard work, perseverance, and an entrepreneurial grind pay off more than risk and rush. Get Faster Safer Wealthier to accelerate your journey to wealth and take control of your most valuable resource—your time.

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About the Author

Greg Bott

Dr. Gregory Bott is an entrepreneur, investor, and university instructor. At the age of 24, he quit his full-time corporate employment in pursuit of both higher education and entrepreneurship. Since then, he has owned and operated numerous businesses across multiple industries, including hospitality, real estate, and agriculture. His businesses have ranged from franchised to independent, from start-ups to acquisitions, from heavily staffed to one-person operations, from leveraged to debt-free, and from sole ownership to numerous shareholders.

Faster Safer Wealthier

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How to successfully buy a business

Book Introduction

“There will never be a good time to start.”